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For Adults

Our ever-growing catalog features exciting new books on:

Love & Intimacy (on lovemaking & relationships -- including Women's Literature and Erotica)

Casino Game Strategies (state-of-the-art, for blackjack and other games)

Health (and better living) and Self-help

Cooking , Photography, and other hobbies


...and much more!

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Love, Intimacy, Relationships & Romance

erotica book Baring It All

Baring It All, Edited By Layla Shilkret (0967218292, Vol. 1, $14.95, Paper, 288 Pages)

"Romantic, loving, sweet...and incredibly sexy!" said one of the book's contributors.

Here's an intimate look into the bedrooms of the women next door. Baring It All is a tell-all book in which 20 anonymous women recount in sexy detail great sexual experiences.

Titillating, entertaining, exciting, the emphasis in this book is on romantic love, so it's something you can share with your lover without embarrassment. Want to spice up your love life? Use this as a bedtime reader. This will warm up any lover! Plus -- it's a sourcebook full of sexy new lovemaking ideas not to be found anywhere else!

...And we have many more books on love, intimacy and romance in the works: A Woman In Ecstasy: A Romantic Man's Unique Guide To Great Lovemaking (Summer 2007); The Diary of a Reluctant Romeo; & much more. Surf our site regularly, or join our email club.

Casino Game Strategies

(New cover on left)

NEW Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack By Richard Harvey
($21.95, 368 Pages PLUS 8 Pages of 4-Color Strategy Charts!)

This bestseller has no peer. As Eli G., financier of the late great Ken Uston put it: "This is THE best blackjack system on the market FAR!"

Written by the world's top blackjack innovator, Cutting Edge Blackjack has been hailed by critics and readers alike.

Las Vegas gaming expert Howard Schwartz praised it highly, saying "Richard Harvey is blazing new territory!"

At The Casino columnist Bill Previtti recommended the book, calling the author "a blackjack wizard, a genius!"

Full of leading edge new methods that give players unheard-of precision in making card moves and betting decisions, this introduces research breakthroughs that came from the author's latest computer research project.

One of its many historic firsts is the author's method to identify the facedown cards at single and double deck tables. That's worth the price of the book alone.

Anthony della Flora of the Albuquerque Journal exclaimed: "Richard Harvey already knew as much about blackjack as anyone alive. Now, after a monumental computer research project, he's come up with a whole new way of playing that doesn't involve card counting."

Topics include: what to do when a player leaves the table; how the number of players affects your likelihood of winning; scientifically-precise state-of-the-art betting strategies; Strategic Card Analysis; how shuffling reorders the cards -- and how to profit from its predictability; and much, much more. Order NOW!

For more information on Cutting Edge Blackjack click here. For author web site click here.


(New cover on left)

NEW Gold (Fourth) Edition of Blackjack The SMART Way by Richard Harvey
($21.95, 288 Pages PLUS 4-Color Strategy Charts!)

This book was chosen as one of the top 1000 books of all time by a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer!

A must for players of all levels, this gives you an introduction to key elements of the system that made expert player and acclaimed blackjack innovator Richard Harvey famous.

This contains winning concepts and methods you won't find anywhere else. Akin to Part 1 to Cutting Edge Blackjack's Part 2 (with unique material found in no other Richard Harvey book), this will awaken you to all the many factors that go into becoming a consistent, big winner.

The Colorado Gambler proclaimed: "Richard Harvey's methods will turn any player into a winner!"

The Weekly Alibi was even more adamant about it: "You follow the rules? You reap the rewards. I recommend the Richard Harvey method. It makes sense. It makes money. It works. That's the bottom line."

Topics include: casino countermeasures; Card Observation (Richard Harvey's entry-level card analysis method, much easier and more effective than card counting); how to pick a good casino, table and dealer; playing the percentages; the Notch-Up, Notch-Down Bet Management method; and much, much more. Order NOW!

And there's an audio book especially for readers of Blackjack The SMART Way! Click here.

For more info on Blackjack The SMART Way, click here. For author web site, click here.

blackjack book NEW Ways to Win MORE at Black Jack


NEW Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack by Richard Harvey
(0967218292, $14.95, 192 pgs.)

Called "the Blackjack KING!" by Denver talk show host Irv Brown and "a blackjack guru!" by Rick Alm, gaming columnist of the Kansas City Star, Richard Harvey's NEW Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack features 52 chapters of easy-to-apply cutting edge strategies from this highly acclaimed blackjack innovator.

Written in an easy-to-understand style, full of illustrations, this contains new insights, methods and research discoveries that players of all levels can take to the bank!

Topics include: the TRUTH about the dealer's up cards; how to identify the dealer's hole card; how dealing affects the order of the cards (and how to profit from this phenomenon); shuffle tracking; how to detect the rare dealer who cheats; state-of-the-art betting strategies; leading-edge card analysis methods for a more precise game; and much, much more. Order NOW!

For more information on NEW Ways click here. For author web site click here.

Health, Better Living & Self-Help

We're working on great new projects in the name of better living. More info soon!



Cooking, Photography & Other Interests

Cooking doesn't have to be a chore. Learn how to have fun AND satisfy your own cravings for delectable meals, through our upcoming line of cookbooks! More info later this year.

On photography, we have books in the works that are so hot we dare not mention them right now...

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The keys to success are...well, you'll just have to find out when the exciting new books we're producing are released!


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